Teachers' Choice Award
Parent Council Award
Parents' Choice Award
Kids First Award
"Perfect for teachers wanting to infuse their holiday programs with new life."
- School Library Journal
"A great addition to a family's Kwanzaa library. Consider as a resource for classroom, home study of Kwanzaa, diversity units, or winter holidays."
- School Library Journal
"The catchy songs and chants on this collection present a positive and inspirational message to children about themselves — and their place in the world as well."
- Nick Jr.
"... infectiously upbeat."
- Disney's Family Fun
This celebrated collection of original songs, chants and stories takes listeners on an uplifting journey through the seven Kwanzaa principles. The principles — which include unity, self-determination, creativity, and faith — are each illustrated by a special selection.
Fun and educational, the Kwanzaa for Young People CD is particularly useful to parents and educators wishing to encourage self-esteem and ethical behavior in children. Whether used to help instill positive values, to accompany seasonal activities, for sing-a-longs, or to promote multicultural appreciation, it is sure to keep everyone humming, singing, dancing, and reflecting throughout Kwanzaa and beyond!
A Special Selection for Each Day/Principle of Kwanzaa
Lyrics and Definitions Included
Increases Cultural Awareness and Understanding
Reinforces Positive Self-image, Values and Ethical Behavior